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The World's Happiest Cashew

We’re excited about what the future holds for us, our farmers, our community — and you.


About Us

Smiling Coast Agro Processing Company is a cashew processing startup company located in The Gambia, West Africa.

We’re on a mission to grow, enhance, and mature the country’s cashew industry. We believe fairness, ethics, and honesty are vital to success, and they are integral to the way we conduct our business.

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We work directly with farmers to establish relationships based on trust and collaboration.

Our local community is of the utmost importance to us, so we are committed to being not just a great place to work, but an active and supportive member of the community.



We’re building a state-of the-art, fully automated facility that will have the capacity to process 5,000 metric tons of cashew nuts per year. Our operation will be fully compliant with BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 — one of the most stringent and comprehensive food safety protocols in the world.  This level of compliance means we will be able to directly introduce our products worldwide, opening opportunities for innovation and development — not to mention new markets for our farmers.



Processing is scheduled to commence in 2023.  At the outset, we expect to employ 80 local individuals in good-paying, safe, and rewarding jobs.  Our operation will be 100% solar and biomass powered, because we care about the environment as much as we care about our people.

In addition to sourcing raw cashew nuts from our local farmers, we are growing our own. We have 42.5-hectares of organic cashew farmland in The Gambia. Ten percent of our trees are already producing crop; we expect the rest to begin producing by 2024.

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